The new rules: BS AU 145e

Your 60-second introduction to the
new British Standard.

The what:

The British Standard on number plates is already tough. The new rules make it one of the strictest standards in Europe.

As a British Number Plate Manufacturers Association (BNMA) member, you can be assured that any number plates or equipment we supply will meet or exceed the new ‘e’ standard when it becomes effective.

The why:

ANPR cameras are driving the change because more than 1 million plates are estimated to be misread every single day*.

The when:

You must supply 145e plates from September but 145e compliant materials will start filtering through to you in during January to August 2021 so you’ll be compliant in plenty of time.

The how:

Extensive testing ensures Reg Plate King plates and plate components are compliant, including the new highly specific and scientific tests on Abrasion and Near Infrared Contrast.

* Surveillance Camera Commissioner speech at the National ANPR Conference 2017